Sunday, August 6, 2017

Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster: Chess Complete 3-Pack

Learn to play chess step by step with FRITZ and CHESSTER in this complete collection of all 3 games in the awarding winning series. You’ll learn how to play chess from scratch in these three thrilling and unforgettable chess adventures. You’ll have a ton of fun discovering, playing, and winning chess! Includes LEARN TO PLAY CHESS, LEARN TO PLAY CHESS 2 – CHESS IN THE BLACK CASTLE, and CHESS FOR WINNERS. Promotion of memory, math, verbal reasoning as well as the development of critical thinking, creative thinking, and socialization skills are among the many benefits of playing the sport of kings. LEARN TO PLAY CHESS: King for a day! Explore a collection of arcade style games that explain everything from chess basics to master strategies; then go exercise your new skills in the intelligym. LEARN TO PLAY CHESS 2 – CHESS IN THE BLACK CASTLE: Advanced training in the black castle will have every player improving their skills and strategy. Learn more about openings, attacking, protecting, and so much more! CHESS FOR WINNERS: This unforgettable chess adventure is designed to advance young chess players’ skills further, move by move. Play in the story or enjoy the many mini-games that teach you chess knowledge. Polish your chess strategy and tactics, including your opening, middle game, and endgame and – use what you’ve learned to win!
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