Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mahjong Halloween

This solitaire version of Mahjong is quick to learn but takes a long time to master! Choose from many different backgrounds, tile sets, and layouts. The ancient solitaire game at its finest! Ask the computer to reveal the best moves. Undo moves and save your current game for playback at another time. Play guaranteed winnable or totally random games. Keep track of your playing time and other game stats at all times.
WARNING: This game is addicting!
Halloween-themed graphics
51 layouts to play
10 spooky backgrounds
5 haunted tile sets
Computer hints feature
Backup moves button
Save game and restart games
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Today's Featured Online Game - "Solitaire"
The classic card game. Also called patience. any of various games played by one person with one or more regular 52-card packs, part or all of which are usually dealt out according to a given pattern, the object being to arrange the cards in a predetermined manner.
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